They keep anythingleft in the account for too long, or after you quit The first one is obvious. Of course if the company mails a check, they get interest on the money during the mailing time. But once you deposit the check, if you don’t need the money right away then you can earn interest on it. It might not be much but why shouldn’t you get that money instead of them? The second issue is one that I just realized recently. In some places you can’t use a credit or debit card to pay part of the price and pay the rest with another card, or cash or check. Any some businesses have a minimum purchase requirement to use a card. So if you have just a few dollars left on the card, how do you use it? If you transfer the money to your bank account, they assess another fee. So if you have $1.51 on your card and the transfer fee is $1.50, would you do the transfer to get 1 cent? Most people won’t! So where does the $1.51 go? Knowing the dropout rate in MLM, think how much money could potentially be left on those cards, and where does it end up? I don’t know the answer, except that it does NOT end up with the distributor!